For some reason the Lord enjoys revealing things to me while walking in the rain. (see this post A Walk in the Rain) As I was walking back from the library, I was just simply reflection on how much I enjoyed the rain today. I then began questioning why that was the case. I had soon come to realize it was because I was walking in it. I love walking in the rain because I can feel it fall on my head, I can hear it fall on the ground and on my head, and I typically just roll my pant legs up and walk slowly to just enjoy the rain. All of the other times that I’ve not enjoyed the rain, I wasn’t directly in it. I was annoyed by the wet roads, wet grass, and even my wet seat one day after I’d forgotten to  roll up my window, but I never felt the rain.

THEN an even bigger light bulb went off! I realize that is how I’ve been treating my seminary experience thus far–I’ve been annoyed by all of the projects/readings that I’ve had to do about God, but I haven’t taken the time to simply enjoy Him. When I read the Word, it is for knowledge sake, not to enjoy God. As I sit with my feet still wet from the rain, I REPENT! LORD FORGIVE ME!  I know my greatest delight is found in YOU and NOTHING ELSE!